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Best Hair Saloon in Pathankot

Clara International Pathankot is one of the best offer best Hair Saloon in Pathankot, provide best hair services in different categories, as we know Hair styling Industry is one of the fastest growing industry. Desire of people having beautiful and perfect hairs, at any cost, has made this industry very trendy. If you are looking for best unisex hair services in Pathankot also let you now Clara International Pathankot also provide various courses or career in Hair Styling, so you are at perfect spot. Hairs Styling Industry holds a glorious market today and in future. To be a great hair stylist, it is necessary to have optimum knowledge and skills in Hair Styling. Clara International offers world class hair designing courses in Pathankot to build your career in the world of Hair styling. Course includes advanced hair styling modules. All these modules are filled with up-to-date knowledge and skills that will help you fellow stylists to glow in the hair styling Industry. designing courses to build your career in the field of hair styling. in this course we will tech you advance treatment on hairs we all know that hair play very important role to look stylish.

hair stylish is technique is one of the most demanding technique in the beauty industry. A professional hair style generates maximum revenue in short time. joined Diploma In professional Hair Designing course in Clara international Pathankot which is also best hair saloon in Pathankot and learn advance hair designing and become professional hair stylist. this course will help you advance Practical of technique and theoretical knowledge about hair designing after doing this course you are able to do Advance Haircuts, Hair Color, Hair treatment & Much More



1)Sectioning of Hair Growth:  Sectioning is an important technique which helps the stylist to create a balance throughout the haircut. Sectioning helps you gain control all over the haircutting. In this module, you will learn about Sectioning from the very basics. It includes live written notes, demo and live customer training

2)MANAGEMENT THERMAL STYLING: Everyone wishes to a have shiny, glossy, straight or rolled up hairs, it is all achieved by thermal styling. Thermal styling requires a great level of fineness as you are going to deal with delicate human hairs, any excess of heat applied by the stylist can damage the hairs by making them brittle. It is an art and more over a calculated art that tends to be learned in this module of this course. After this module you will be confidently able to turn messed up rough hairs into smooth and straight lovely ones.

3) INTRODUCTION OF HAIR ANALYSIS: Hair Analysis is an important element of client consultation helping the stylist to determine hair and scalp condition. A Hair Analysis includes a series of tests i.e. Porosity test, Diameter test, Elasticity test, Allergy Alert Test (AAT), Incompatibility test All these above tests help the stylist understand the hair type and allergies that customer can possess.
In these Module you will be learning about all the above tests and all other testing.

4) Brand Knowledge: In this module you will learn about various hair styling products and brands. After this module you will be able to make comparisons and understand differences between the types of hairstyling products. You will develop knowledge to use different products to get the greatest results.

5)Shampoo and Conditioning: One of the essential traits you will learn during this module is to analyse a client’s hair so that you can recommend the best shampoo and conditioner and use it thoroughly on the clients. You will learn about different types of Shampoo and Conditioner based on their compositions.

6)BASIC HAIR CUT THEORY OF TRICHOLOGY: Trichology is the study of disorders of the hair and scalp and every aspect of it. In this module you will learn to cut hair in order to maintain a good hair and scalp condition

7)HAIR STRUCTURE: In this part of the course you will understand the structure of hair, learn about the scientific aspects of hair structure. Developing a sense of understanding that scalp and hair beneath it is what makes the overall hair strong and also learn that you as hair stylist what are the pros and cons in the process of getting healthy and beautiful hairs.

8)COLOUR WHEEL: The color wheel is the one “can’t live without” tool that every colorist adds to their kit. This module covers scientific understanding of the colour theory, knowledge of primary colors, complementary & tertiary colors, Cool and Warm Colors. This module will completely make you an expert in color wheel.

By the end of this module you will be thorough with adding and removing hair color pigments, determining darkness levels, knowing the time being for which hair color is applied, applying appropriate color to each and every section of the hairs.

Global colouring is root to tip colouring of hair with single vibrant hair color. You will develop good sense about the all famous global coloring techniques and all the different variants used.

Creating hair highlights sleeks using thin strands, learn matching highlight shades with that of client’s original hair, space management between hairs in order to achieve great appearance of the highlight.

Grey hair is something that clients always complaint about, by end of this module you will be knowing the technique of applying dark to light shades of color in order to cover every grey part, learn about the right color pigments, highlighting and retouching greys, using permanent dyes to color the greys.

In advance hair coloring you will learn about applying large chunks of bold and bright colours on client hair for more depth, beautiful texture and creating supernatural effect of hairs by techniques like Ombre and Balayage etc